Tetiana Koldunenko

Towards the light

Dimensions : 116.8×116.8cm (46x46in)

Medium : Mixed media (acrylic + texture paste) on canvas

Reserve : AU$ 5,000

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Tetiana called her painting “Towards the light” to emphasize on the aspirations of Ukrainians achieve prosperous and peaceful life, on their movement towards being a member European Union and NATO. The painting shows two butterflies instinctively moving toward the light in this uncertain and rough world. For many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of change and beauty. Ukraine is undergoing a change and, Tetiana hopes, it will have a beautiful future. In this painting, she has used the colours of the Ukrainian flag. For her, these are the colours of hope and peace and happiness. May these colours bring peace and happiness to you and remind you that you have done something good for the people of Ukraine. To find out more about Tetiana, simply click on her ‘Artist Profile’.

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Photograph of artist alongside artwork

Tetiana 3